Park, Sleep, and Fly

Park, Sleep, and Fly

Parking in Milwaukee can be expensive, both at the airport and in the city. Choose a more cost effective solution by staying at Crowne Plaza!

While you are a guest at our hotel, you are always guaranteed complimentary parking in our expansive lot. When you are ready to leave, take the stress out of finding a place to park your vehicle and instead, leave it conveniently with us!

This hotel deal includes your accommodation and complimentary parking for up to 14 days.

Use our free airport shuttle, which runs every 20 minutes, to get to and from Mitchell International Airport upon departure or arrival. We kindly ask that you request your shuttle ride in advance by calling or visiting our 24-hour front desk to ensure availability. Rest easy with your car safely in our hands – without breaking the bank.

*Following the 14 days, each additional day of parking incurs a $5 USD fee.